10 Guiding Tips to Building a Successful Website

Website DesignOne of the most challenging tasks that most small business owners have is making time to write down on paper what they want in a website.  Here are 10 Tips that will help you gather your thoughts.


  1. Before you even start to work with a web design company have a list of the types of websites you like.  This will be important information for the web designers and the project managers working on your project.
  2. Think about what function your website will serve for your business.  For example will your website be a place for your visitors to come and view your catalog? Or will your website be a source of information about your services and products? Or will your website be an online store?
  3. If you don’t already have a logo start to think about colors for your logo.  It always helps if you have a hand drawing of an idea for a logo.  We can turn hand drawings into beautiful logos.
  4. Make a list of how many pages you will need for your website.  For example the common pages on a website are the Home page, About Us page, Services Page, Blog page, and Contact Us page.  Having an idea of how many pages you will need for your website will also give your Website design company an idea of what your project will cost.
  5. Think about a budget, how much you are willing to invest in your website.  Remember that this is a marketing investment in your company and your website is your presence on the web.  Work with your Web design company if you have a low budget so that they can give you an idea of your options. 
  6. Start thinking and start writing the content you want for your website pages.  If you need help with your content talk to your web design company.  They can refer you to a content writer.
  7. Make a list of keywords and key phrases that you know people will use when searching for your services online.  Also, be sure to ask about Search Engine Optimization for your website.  Some web design companies also offer this service but if not they can refer you to an SEO company.  Keep in mind that this service requires a good budget and a commitment of at least 4 to 6 months.
  8. Think about a Domain Name you want for your website.  Try to keep the name short and simple, but also make sure it relates to your business.  Keeping it simple will help people remember your website.  Good examples of short and simple domain names are names like google.com, yahoo.com , msn.com, facebook.com, etc.
  9.  Be sure to ask your web design company how long your project will take. This will give you an idea of when it will be completed so you can plan accordingly.
  10.  Last but not least, if a relative tells you they can do your website, unless that relative is me, I would suggest you contact a professional web design company. My point is that if you want your website completed in a few weeks you really want to work with professionals that create websites for small businesses!


Hector Moran

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