6 Tips To Building Website Traffic – But Then What Do You Do With The Traffic?

I recently had a conversation with a client about what it evolves to increase web traffic to a website.  I was surprised that my client was more concerned about building traffic but had not  thought about  what to do with the traffic that would be generated.

Essentially I explained to my client that it is important to have the following items in place to help build traffic:

  1. Keyword research needs to be done on keywords that will be used on the website. The research is important because we need to find out if indeed people are using the keywords that we want to place on the site. It would make no sense to spend a lot of time and money setting up a page with keywords that no one is really searching for.
  2. Fresh Content – It is very important to have fresh content on a website so that the search engines continue to index the new content.  In the web world Content is King and Links are Queen! Having fresh content helps with the SEO of the page and with the ranking.
  3. Link Building – it is important to build incoming links to a website.  The more incoming links you have the more the search engines will like your website and rank it higher. Why? Because a website with a lot of incoming links is viewed by Google as a resourceful website.
  4. High Ranking – why is it important to rank high on a search?  The higher you rank the better the chances are that your website will display on page one or two of a Google search.  Websites that display within the first 10 searches of the Google page get about 75% of the clicks.  Therefore the higher you rank the more traffic you will get.
  5. Blog – a blog on a website is great because posting an article to your blog generates new content on your website. This will help the ranking of the website.
  6. Create one Press Release a month with keywords that are relevant to the service the website provides.  Press Releases are a great way to generate traffic to a website and incoming links.

Ok, so I just shared 6 things you can do to help optimize and create traffic for your website.  But what is the purpose of generating traffic if you’re website is not getting phone calls?

The most important goal you must determine for your website is what it is you want website visitors to do when they come to your website?  Do you want them to sign up for a free quote? Or maybe call your 800 number, or sign up for your blog?

My point here is that generating traffic to a website can be done in time with the right strategies, however you want to be able to setup your website so that when new visitors come to it they buy, contact, or email you.

In summary having a strategy for how your website will handle the traffic that you generate is VERY IMPORTANT otherwise you are just wasting your time and money to build traffic.

Remember! If you don’t have a website, you don’t exist!

Hector Moran
Striking Web, Inc.

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