Striking Web is a full service web development company

We believe in helping every small business establish an online presence! We develop user friendly websites and establish online strategies to promote your business!

We work closely with small businesses that are looking for website development that is affordable, professional, and comes with outstanding customer support. Our website development services range from basic online presence to more complex applications. Our account managers can help you determine the website development solutions that match your style, budget, and business needs. The account managers will also answer all your questions and make sure the design process runs smoothly.

Our designers are driven to create visually appealing and easy to navigate websites which ultimately influence customers to do business with you. Our user friendly websites reinforce branding, increase site traffic, and strengthen customer loyalty. We create attractive and professional website designs.

Striking Web Development and Marketing

Without a proper website development you could be missing out on potential customers and revenue every day.


  • have become the number one source of advertising for many businesses
  • reach millions of people every day
  • can significantly influence purchasing decisions
  • are open 24-7
  • validate your business

We are located in Pleasanton, California (in the San Francisco Bay Area), United States.

Top 10 reasons why you should choose Striking Web, Inc for website development.

There are many choices when it comes to picking a Web design firm & hosting provider. However, when you add up all the facts, the choice becomes clear.  Discover the reasons why Striking Web is the right choice for you.
1. The Best Value
We offer website development and hosting at a great value! Striking Web proves that saving money doesn’t have to mean compromising website features and services.
2.  Operating Under the Same Ownership for 14 Years
Since its founding in 2004, Striking Web has consistently prospered under the same ownership structure. The company has grown from an idea to a corporation with outstanding people.
3. We Grow with You
From a basic website, to a full web integration package, Striking Web is right there with the support and additional services you need as your business grows.
4.   Easy to Navigate Websites
Our websites are intuitive and easy to navigate.   A visitor to your website will easily navigate through the site, finding all the information they want. Without frustration.
5.   A Full Service Website Development Company
Striking Web provides a complete internet solution:   website development, SEO, Adwords, customization, database integration, web analytics, website report card, forms, secure site pages, and more!
6.   Affordable, Professional, and Available
Striking Web provides affordable and professional service!    Customer relationship professionals are available and able to meet with you and your company’s respresentatives.
7.   Responsiveness
You will be impressed with our timely customer service.
8.   Free Educational Webinars and Classes
Striking Web offers ongoing classes to its customers and the community at large.
9.   We Walk You Through the Process
We know it can be overwhelming to start a new website or transition to a new one.  We will assist you through the entire project.
10.   Word of Mouth
90% of our business comes from customer referrals.  Enough said!