How Non-Technical Staff Can Maintain Websites with a Web Content Management System?

In the world of the internet, websites can easily be divided into two different categories: static and dynamic. As the name suggests, static websites are websites that do not contain regularly updated information. Often, the content found on these pages remains unchanged for many months. For companies that do not provide regular information (for instance, a site designed to provide information on a seminar) a static site might be sufficient. However, many companies often update the information found on their sites. These websites are known as “dynamic websites.” [Read more…]

What Is A CMS?

For people who own or plan on owning websites, there is one area with which they must be concerned about — the issue of content management. Websites are designed to provide information to users. For websites to get high traffic and maintain a high rank on popular search engines; there is a constant need for the content to be updated regularly. This change in content can be made to reflect news items, highlight personnel accomplishments, announce special offers, and describe new products or services. In the early days of the internet, web designers were regularly hired to handle content management. However, with new software, the owners of websites can just as easily manage the details that appear on their website. All that is required is the assistance of a CMS (content management system).

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