Why building backlinks to your website = More Website Traffic!

Link building is a way to build backlinks to your website.

Building backlinks is one of the major pieces to the SEO puzzle that will help drive traffic to your website and also help your website rank much higher on the search engines.

But why is it important to build backlinks to your website?

Think of a backlink to your website as a vote.

The more websites that link to you the more votes your website gets.   Google’s algorithm takes into account how many links are coming into a website and a website with many incoming links is viewed as a valuable resource. [Read more…]

Increase Web Traffic to Your Website With Article Submissions

In today’s post I want to talk about submitting articles to increase web  traffic to your website.  Not only will you generate traffic to your website you will also, by default, create the following positive results:

  1. Well written articles will generate back links to your website
  2. Back links will help your Google Ranking

So, what are the steps to creating and submitting an article online? There are many ways to submit an article but let’s start with some basics of Article creation. [Read more…]