How To Choose A Web Design For SEO?

SEO and website DesignYou can make big bucks online. Do you ever feel that you don’t see as many visitors as there should be? In spite of having an extensive range of products that are sensibly priced, what is the reason for failing to see more traffic coming to your website? Well, the answer may be hidden in your website; in its design, to be precise. [Read more…]

10 Tips to better market your website!

10 Tips to Market your Website

  1. Get your business listed on the Google Business Directory, the Yahoo Business Directory, and the Bing Business Directory? It’s like Free advertising. The more you provide the easier it is for customers to find you!


  1. Market your business on Craig’s List.  Put together 5 to 10 different HTML ads and post them weekly –  It’s free and they work!

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