Get Your Website Tuned Up for the New Year – 10 Tune Up Tips for 2010

Tip to improve your websiteOne: Check all your website links (menu and content) – It is very important that all the links on your website work! If you have any broken links you need to update them or get them fixed. Links can become broken because sometimes the pages they link to change. So, why is it important to fix them? Broken links can prevent Google, Yahoo, and Bing from indexing your pages – Thus affecting your website ranking!

Two: Review your website statistics for the last 12 months – This will give you an idea of the traffic your website got month to month. Ideally, you should be checking this monthly to check that your marketing efforts are driving traffic to your website. You can also find out what keywords people typed in to find you! Google Analytics is a great tool you should have to help you with this in 2010. Give us a call for a setup quote.

Three: Update/Add Client Testimonials – It’s important to include all the great testimonials from your clients. One good testimonial can help sell your service.

Four: Update your Portfolio – Remember to show your work and successes! This will help sell your service and show how good you are at what you do.

Five: Update your website content – Be sure to review your website content for information that has changed or simply for information that needs to be added. Remember Google, Yahoo, Bing, and all the rest like websites with updated and fresh content.

Six: Review the purpose of your website – Here are some items to ponder:
– If the purpose is to generate leads -> then be sure to have a landing page with a leads form
– If it’s to sell products -> then be sure that your website has a functioning shopping car
– If it’s to share information -> then be sure that your website has a blog

Seven: Do you have a link on your website to your Facebook and Twitter accounts? – Social Media sites are here to stay and they offer a viral marketing benefit. Social Media is “The new word of mouth”. Don’t have links going to your Facebook and Twitter page? Give us a call for a quote. And if you need our service to setup your Facebook and Twitter page give us a call for a quote.

Eight: Have you reviewed what your competitor’s website looks like? – Check how you compare to your competition. It may be time to update/revamp your website.

Nine: Review your marketing efforts for 2009 – Check to see how much website traffic you received from the expensive ad in the paper, Yellow Pages, Yahoo, Google, etc. It may be time to adjust your marketing dollars. By the way, did you know you can track how much traffic you get from a Yellow Pages ad and any offline marketing? If you don’t know how to track offline ads give us a call and we can service your need. I bet you want to know if your offline marketing budget is giving you a good return on your investment (ROI).

Ten: Finally, review your 2009 website goals and write your goals for the next 12 months – What do you want to get from your website in 2010? Be sure to write a minimum of two action items for each goal. Remember Dreams are nothing but Goals with deadlines!

Wishing You a Happy and Successful 2010!

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