Striking Web helps People First Productivity Solutions with new launch of website!

PeopleFirstPs.comPeople First Productivity Solutions ( has recently undergone a revamp of its website.  The new site features an easy to navigate menu and a new and fresh design.

The People First Approach

Too many organizations have spent too much time and money on incomplete solutions. Investments in training, organizational development, performance management, process improvements, and employee retention efforts often fail to deliver real and measurable results. As an executive with a Fortune 500 company, Deb Calvert, the founder and president of People First Productivity Solutions, was also challenged by the number of choices… and by the lack of sustainability those choices offered long-term.

But there is a better way. Transformational change is possible. The key to real and lasting change is aligning your people with your processes so everything works together to advance your business goals. Alignment comes when you build organizational strength by putting people first. This is an approach that makes sense to everyone, from your front-line employees to your senior management team. And with everyone on-board, the changes we bring to you will soon become part of your organization’s culture. Additionally, internal ownership of these changes means that you won’t have to rely on an ongoing consulting engagement to “prop up” the transformation you desire.

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