Picking A Domain Name You Can Live With

Domain RegistrationIf you have a website or are planning to create one, you will definitely want to make your presence felt on the internet. You may want to promote your business through your website. To a certain extent, the domain name of a website determines its popularity. This name becomes the identity of your business. Today the internet is a huge market. You have to personalize your website in order for it to stand out, and this personalization should also include the name of your website. You don’t have to choose a domain name that is the most clever name ever. Rather, just pick one that is easy to recall. The internet is brimming with so much information that in order to create an impression, you must have a good short name. If users can remember your name, your website will attract more visitors. [Read more…]

Get Your Website Tuned Up for the New Year – 10 Tune Up Tips for 2010

Tip to improve your websiteOne: Check all your website links (menu and content) – It is very important that all the links on your website work! If you have any broken links you need to update them or get them fixed. Links can become broken because sometimes the pages they link to change. So, why is it important to fix them? Broken links can prevent Google, Yahoo, and Bing from indexing your pages – Thus affecting your website ranking!

Two: Review your website statistics for the last 12 months – This will give you an idea of the traffic your website got month to month. Ideally, you should be checking this monthly to check that your marketing efforts are driving traffic to your website. You can also find out what keywords people typed in to find you! Google Analytics is a great tool you should have to help you with this in 2010. Give us a call for a setup quote.

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