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About 6 months ago, David Fraser approached Striking Web for help with his website .   He was searching for a web design and development company that could help with website maintenance and further developing of his existing site.  As I reviewed and learned about his website it became pretty evident that David had a vision for helping to provide instant access to vital information during emergencies. What I liked about his website is that you can securely store all your vital information in one place in an organized manner, making it easy to find in an emergency or if you simply forgot something.  Because of his cause I’ve chosen as the spot light website for this quarter.

A personal quote from David Fraser:

“Years ago, there was a television show which started each episode by showing an overview of downtown Manhattan. As the camera panned the city, the narrator began speaking . . . “This is the Naked City, where there are millions of stories. Tonight, you will hear about just one” . . . If you have not guessed, this was a police mystery show, a real “Who done it,” solved within 30 minutes, including commercials and scenes from next week’s episode.

In real life, there are truly millions of stories. People, from all walks of life, have found their choices have consequences and repercussions. Whether the results are favorable or not, is not part of the equation, the only constant is the fact we have choices to decide how to live our lives, how to protect our families, and how to safeguard what is most precious in our lives.” provides instant access to vital stored information during emergencies such as:

  1. Missing Children with “Look For My Child”
  2. Natural Disasters: Fires, Floods, Hurricanes, Earthquakes, and Tornadoes
  3. Medical Emergencies
  4. Personal and Family Matters
  5. Lost or Stolen Credit Cards
  6. Lost Pets and Veterinarian Records
  7. Home Inventory / Possessions
  8. Archive Important Documents / Papers
  9. Featuring: Unlimited Secured Storage of Business, Legal Documents, Photographs, Videos, Podcasts, Address Book, and E-Mail Blasts

One of the things I enjoy about my business is learning about the businesses whose websites we build and or do website maintenance for. David has really made me think about the unthinkable and it has helped me to be better prepared.   As a matter of fact I am now a member of!

Congratulations on a great cause David!

Hector Moran

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